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The WiKID Blog, musings on two-factor authentication, information security and some other stuff.

Javelin Strategy on Business Banking

Read this post on "Business Bank Accounts: The missing features that no one is talking about" for a great summary of the missing features that online banking needs to provide a secure solution for their customers, including one-time passwords.  I find this to be a little dis-heartening as I believe that online banking needs for more than the features on this list. We have often gone on about mutual https authentication and transaction authentication, but it turns out banks are a long way from providing these "advanced features".   Perhaps I should be more positive: Think how easy it should be for a bank to increase their security.

Southeast Linux Fest review

The Southeast Linux Fest was a great show.  The organizers did a fantastic job. They were quite adept at hacking some fixes together to cover shortfalls such as writing up schedule signs for each room. 

Online Gaming, Fraud & Stolen Credentials

Symantec has a blog post about a 17GB flat file of stolen game credentials they have analyzed. The file included 44 million sets of stolen usernames and passwords for at least 18 gaming websites.  The entire post is interesting and worth a read, in particular for how an attacker can use a botnet to validate the credentials and thereby increase their value.

Analyzing the Costs of Open Source Software in the Enterprise

Branden William recently did a guest post on Anton Chuvakin's blog about properly analyzing the potential costs of utilizing open source software in an enterprise.  Branden states he's a big fan of open source, but wants to make sure that all the costs are included when deciding whether to go with an open source package vs a commercial package.  Here's the list of costs:

Article on CSO: Two-factor authentication through Windows Server 2008 Net Policy Server

CSO Online has published a tutorial we wrote on Adding Two-factor Authentication through Windows Server 2009 Network Policy Server.

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